Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Peta's Boycott

The animal rights group Peta are still fighting against the seal massacre which happens every year in Canada. Despite years of protest, Canada still allowers seal clubbing to occur for skins which many claim are 'uneeded and unused'.

Peta is rallying for everyone to boycott one of Canadas main exports - Maple Syrup. Canada provide 85% of the worlds maple syrup, which is a popular product over in the US, made particularly popular from the famous 'maple syrup diet' (Hmm!)

Peta ask that everyone pledge not to buy Canadas export until they stop the baby seal slaughter that happens yearly. Peta say they will send a copy of your pledge directly to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canada's Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day to plead for an end to this annual bloodbath.

To do your bit, please go to their website and make your pledge: