Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dead man ordered to fish shop!

A fish shop in Pennsylvania got a shock after they ordered a box of marine and freshwater. The shop owner opened the package to discover a corpse instead. The owner saisd this wasnt the first time mistakes had been made, though never quite as alarming. When the mistake was rectified and the three boxes of fish delivered however they all sadly died.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Decline of reef fish in the Caribbean

Scientists are warning that reef fuish numbers in the caribbean are in decline. They have been researching over 300 coral reefs across the caribbean and noted a loss at a rate of 2% - 6% per year, of many species of fish. The main concern however, lies with herbivorous fish, as they mean the prevention of too much algae which can destroy the coral reefs.

Reefs, like many other habitats, are a delicate and well balanced system. If one species of fish declines it can mean detrimental effects. With many fish already in steady decline, scientists are unsure of what it may mean. The research suggests that the decline is happening due to varying causes affecting the reefs. As the fish species in decline range from small to large in size, the cause cannot be over-fishing alone.

Michelle Paddock who was leading the study, said changes must be made; "On a personal level, this may mean not buying wild-caught aquarium fish and corals, not eating reef fish species that are declining, taking care not to anchor on reefs, and reducing our carbon emissions to help control climate change. But importantly, we need to let lawmakers and resource managers know that we care about these ecosystems and we need to push for changes in how they are managed."