Tuesday, 29 April 2008

'Benidorm' homes in Falmouth?

New plans to build houses in Falmouth is causing uproar among the residents of the North Parade. The Blue Space property group are planning to build 56 new homes along the parade which residents claim would be more at home in Benidorm that Cornwall. The flats are threatening to ruin the breathtaking views over the river, and causing much more traffic and noise.

The reference to Benidorm is strengthening the fears over Falmouth's cheap, tourist logged, European-style future.

A battle commencing between the company and the residents is thought to be going to be a long one, watch this space.

The plans can be viewed on the Carrick website. (http://www.carrick.gov.uk/)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Coastguard strike on Friday.

Due to poor pay levels, workers for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency have gone on strike. Around 700 workers walked out for 24 hours on Friday morning. Although the strike involved the rescue co-ordinators, not rescuers themselves (so any distress calls would be answered as normal), it is still a worrying thought that those who so many rely on to help them out in a crisis may not be available. The workers striked due to low pay, claiming they receiving barely minmum wage at current and pay increases for more experienced workers were as little as 1%. The union claimed this was causing bad morale. The union say they hope the strike will be their first and their last, and that the government will sit up, take notice and make the changes necessary.

Sea Level Rise affects railway plans

Train at Dawlish

Rise in Sea Levels have meant Railway developers having to rethink building plans and certain rail lines in the South West. Train lines run right along the coast of Cornwall and into Devon but some areas are already being affected by the sea, particularly in bad weather. Developers are suggesting possibly reopening of the old line between Okehampton and Plymouth. This would be to move away from the line which runs the Dawlish seafront, as bad weather often means difficulaties. Train operators are hoping to make this development a reality over the next 50 years in preperation of SLR. Measures to open the line between Tavistock and Plymouth are already underway, although it is estimated to cost around £10m.

Some are protesting the changes, as the route along the coast is a much more pleasent one to travel, but measures must be taken to ensure that future journeys are safe and on time.